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Toughened Glass

Toughened glass is a common glass and has lots of uses. It is manufactured by heating a cooling standard glass to change the composition. The process makes the glass 6 times stronger than standard glass. The strength of toughened glass makes it ideal for windows, balustrades, partitions, shower doors table tops and just about anything else. Toughened glass is not only strong, it is also safe. If broken, toughened glass smashes into thousands of tiny little pieces of glass that don't cut you. Toughened glass can be clear, patterned, tinted, drilled, shaped, polished and much more. Choose your thickness and order below.

The thickness you would use generally depends on the size of glass and the application. For example, a standard size window would usually have 4mm glass where a large partition or balustrade may require 8mm or 10mm depending on size.