Double Glazed Unit (Clear Glass)

Minimum charge of £49.99 per unit

FREE Delivery to Swansea

Manufactured and delivered within 3 weeks

Excellent quality double glazed units manufactured using Pilkington glass

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(£49.99 Minimum Charge Per Double Glazed Unit)

Free Delivery to Swansea.

Insulating sealed units consisting of two panes of glass separated by a spacer bar.

For use in uPVC, timber or aluminium windows, doors and frames.

Choose your extras including toughened and energy efficient glass.

Unit Thickness

Please choose your double glazed unit thickness. This is the overall thickness, not the thickness of the spacer bar

Safety Glass

Please choose whether you need safety glass. This can be toughened or laminated glass. These are both classified as ‘safety glass’ and need to be used in the following critical areas…

This is standard ‘annealed glass’
It’s perfectly safe to use in all non-critical zones.

Toughened Glass
Toughened glass is 6 times stronger than standard glass. It shatters into thousands of small, safe pieces when broken.
This is the standard safety glass for homes.

6.4mm Laminate Glass / Toughened Glass
Laminated glass contains a transparent interlayer. When this glass is broken the interlayer holds it together preventing dangerous shards from becoming loose.
Because of this ability to ‘hold together’ when broken, laminated glass is suited to commercial buildings where it also acts as a barrier to people trying to break into the building.

Energy Efficiency

Please choose if you need energy efficient glass.

Low E Coating
This is an invisible coating that is applied to surface of the double glazed unit. It reflects heat back into the room helping reduce heat loss.

Although invisible, this glass sometimes has a very slight blue tint. This is only visible from certain angle and in certain lights.

Low E Coating / Argon Gas / Warm Edge Spacer Bar
The highest level of energy efficiency

Low E Coating – See above

Argon Gas – The cavity between the panes of glass is filled with argon glass to achieve a higher level of insulation.

Warm Edge Spacer Bar – This type of spacer bar conducts less heat resulting in a more energy efficient double glazed unit. This spacer bar is always coloured black.

Spacer Bar Colour

Please choose your spacer bar colour


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