Glass Table Top Protectors

Maybe you have just bought a new table? Maybe you have acquired a vintage or antique piece of furniture? Sometimes it's a good idea to protect your furniture using a piece of glass. In addition to looking great, a glass table top protector can prevent scratched and stains.

What thickness glass shall I use?

We suggest that the minimum thickness that you use for a glass protector is 6mm thick. This will be suitable for the vase majority of table tops. If your table top is very large then you may want to consider ordering thicker glass.

How do I measure my table top?

For a square or rectangle table top, it is very straight forward. Simply measure the width and length in mm. If you require a circle table top protector, we need the diameter in mm. This is the largest size of the circle. Sometimes a table top will have radius corners (curved corners). These can be quite tricky to measure. Please see here for guidance.

How safe is glass for use as a table top?

Glass table tops are made from toughened glass (or tempered). This is a type of safety glass that is 6 x stronger than standard glass. This means that it is extremely hard to break. However toughened glass has a weak point on its edges. In the unlikely event that the glass breaks, it is deigned not to cause harm (i.e. cut you.) The glass breaks into small crystals with no sharp edges. So in concluding, yes, glass table top protectors are very safe.