Glass Protectors for Desks

glass protector for desk
glass protector for desk1

Why do I need a table top protector?

You may be concerned about scratching your desk or spilling something on it. A glass protector will ensure that your desk stays damage free. Additionally, from aesthetic point of view, it can add a contemporary and sleek look to your desk.

Is this glass suitable for a desk?

Absolutely. We use toughened safety glass that is perfect to protect the surface of your desk. It also looks great too.

Do you sell standard sizes?

No. Because desk sizes are all different we only offer a made to measure service. You need to measure the surface of your desk and enter your dimensions.

How long will it take to get my table top protector?

What thickness is the glass?

How much is delivery?

What is the largest size table top you offer?

Why should I choose glass over Acrylic?

Can I return the glass table top if not happy?